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Vertical Calendar

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2014 Calendar
2015 coming soon – Get Notified 

The Vertical is a large wall calendar that displays time in a comfortable, linear fashion. It even comes with a hang-up set to eliminate punctures. To us it’s how calendars should be.

  • 12 unbound sheets (January to December)
  • 12" wide by 36" tall sheets
  • Hangup Set: 4 super-magnets and tacks
  • 90 Event Sticker set

We treat our calendar like a fine painting, mounting it with a hang-up set that avoids puncturing and allows for easy month-to-month transition. Display months individually or as a group, either way the Vertical will be a fine addition to your home, office or both.

The Vertical includes all major U.S. Holidays, but we also want to give you the option to (up to 36 items and 2 recurring events)add important dates of your own. We offer a personalized version of the Vertical too? Don't worry, your routines are safe with us. In 2014 we are also adding 90 Event Stickers. Limited edition!

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